Un Futuro Estudio Observacional para Evaluar los Pronósticos de la Eficacia Clincia en Reacción a Omalizumab 

PurposeThis is an observational study of a drug called Xolair (omalizumab).The main purpose of the study is to provide a complete assessment of response to omalizumab. Information gathered from this study will assist health care providers in selecting appropriate patients who may benefit from treatment, and also guide your doctor with measuring responses to omalizumab treatment more accurately. Your total length of time in the study will be about 48 weeks.

EligibilityAnyone 12 years and older how have made a decision with their doctor to initiate treatment with omalizumab for their asthma may be eligible to participate in the study.


Genentech, Inc.


Principal Investigator: Tara F. Carr, MD

Contact Information:

Study Coordinator: Valerie Bloss

Office: (520) 626-5590


Study Status: 
Currently Enrolling