Highlights of Past Studies

Infant Immune Study

The Infant Immune Study follows nearly 500 families, whose children were enrolled at birth and are now teenagers.  Researchers are exploring the development of the immune system in childhood and specifically how it relates to asthma and allergies.


Tucson Children's Respiratory Study

For more than three decades, researchers with the Tucson Children's Respiratory Study (CRS) have been collecting extensive data about the respiratory health of more than 1,000 subjects – enrolled as infants, and now as adults.  By analyzing the massive amount of information collected from this la



Effect of Positive Airway Pressure on Reducing Airway Reactivity in Patients with Asthma



Azithromycin for Preventing the Development of Upper Respiratory Tract Illness into Lower Respiratory Tract Symptoms in Children and Oral Corticosteroids for Treating Episodes of Significant Lower Respiratory Tract Symptoms in Children.